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Ask a MHS
Saftey Tips

Want a job? Such as...
- Newsreporter
- Alternationist
- Ask A Mod/Staff (Must be Mod or Staff)
- Saftey
- Website Designer
- Interviewer
- Rare Porter
If you wan't to be a Newsreporter then send some news on the Job Categorie In The Newsie Section. I will look at it and see if your good.
If you want to be a alternationist, saftey person on saftey page, website designer, rare porter, or an interviwer then send your applications to Alternationist and Website Designer applications must have pictures of your design or your alternation
To be a Ask A Mod/Staff Add Me Kludd on .ca if your a mod or staff. Or Hobba that got badge tooken away from sulake (all hobba's)
Thanks, Fox

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